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Hallo zusammen,

heute stellen wir euch unsere amerikanische Kollegin Alicia vor. Sie hat sich Zeit genommen, um uns ein paar Zeilen über ihr Leben und ihre Arbeit bei Ulla Popken zu schreiben. Viel Spaß beim Lesen..

,,Hello my Name is Alicia McGuire. I am working for Ulla Popken fo the USA part. I was born in New Jersey. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA. I have lived in Ohio, Maryland and now North Carolina at the beach. I have been working at Ulla Popken since June 1994.
I have had a lot of jobs since I have been with the company – retail store, call center, accounting, quality, forecasting, buying and designing. I am an advisor right now for Ulla Popken – I design and source our USA clothing line, I do our social media, I do our email marketing campaigns plans and I plan and pre design 20 catalogs a year for the USA.
I work from home in North Carolina. I have my office at my house.
I travel to Germany 4 times a year to visit the head office and work with others. I have learned a lot through out my time with Ulla Popken and since in 2015 we combined with the Germany team I have learned even more. I am never bored and I always like a challenge. I have also gotten to travel the world which has been pretty amazing – China, Turkey, India, London, Paris, Greece, Germany, Milan for the day.“

Bis bald und liebe Grüße

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